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Design your interior to be timeless, sustainable, efficient and beautiful.

We have international experience Chicago, USA in painting and decorating variety of residential properties. We moved to a new market offering the highest standard of painting craftsmanship. We offer additional services; stencil design and installation, which provide unique advantage in interior design.

Painting is contrary to what many people think very complicated, time consuming and hard work to do. It requires precision, tidiness, proper planning and knowledge.

We are such a company; our customers are very content with the work we do. Our work ethic relies on punctuality, reliability, passion and job done always right

Regular Painting

Every project is unique and needs to be priced individually. There are things we need to take into consideration when assessing what needs to be painted such as; state of walls, number of coats etc. In some older houses moisture is a problem that can cause paint to peel off from walls and that also will need to be evaluated during our visit.

It also takes additional time and material to seal very porous surfaces with appropriate sealers or if there are any hard to cover stains from water leaks we need to eliminate them with the right approach.

We don’t charge for visit and every customer receives full quote explaining discussed “items”.

The quote is not an estimate, therefore we charge only what was agreed upon – no surprises.

Stencil design and installation

We can offer variety of stencil sizes from 50 x 50cm up to 240 x 240 cm… There are also longer ones. Every stencil can be customized to specific requirements.

Please give us a call for full details, stating which stencil you like the most and the price will be provided via email


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